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We’ve Earned Our Great Reputation

Our company has been in business since 2005, and is proud to serve the San Francisco Metro area. We are known for our fast, affordable, and trusted local service. At 24 hour Locksmith San Fran, we offer a comprehensive range of services. With 12 Licensed expert San Francisco Locksmiths and two part-­time available for lockouts, we offer mobile Bay Area locksmith service for emergency and by-appointment situations. Our team consists of both residential and commercial locksmiths that can tackle virtually any problem that comes their way! If you’re seeking a local San Francisco Locksmith Service you can rely on, you’ve come to the right place. Contact Locksmith San Fran today and let us make your life a little easier.

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Your Safety Shouldn’t Cost An Arm & A Leg

If you are worried that contacting Locksmith San Francisco will result in expensive repair bills, you will be happy to hear that we only charge a $19 service fee. We believe in keeping things simple, and affordable. Our repair technician will visit the site, perform a service inspection and complete the quote if any replacement parts and additional repair services are required.


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Why You Should Call Locksmith San Fran

You don’t need to waste time searching for several locksmith companies that can only handle some of your needs. At Locksmith San Francisco we are proud to offer a wide variety of services, thanks to the knowledge and expertise of our experienced technicians. Some of our services include:

San Fran Car Unlock Service

Have you ever been locked out of your car? Left your keys in the ignition? Now you don’t have to stress! Our team of expert technicians are at your disposal. You will never have to worry about being locked out again. Call 415­-737-­5303 for more information!

Bay Area House Unlock Service

If you or your loved ones find yourselves locked out of your house, as long as you can dial 415­-737-­5303, you can relax and know that our technicians take your safety very seriously. Our rapid response team will get you back safe and sound into your home.

Mobile Lock Installation And Repairs

Are you wanting to upgrade your hardware or are looking for increased security features in your home? Consider an electronic keypad, or ask us about home automation integration. Contact us at: 415-­737-­5303 to find out our many affordable options.

Replacement or New Car or House Keys

Do you always lose your keys? Locksmith San Francisco can help! Creating replacement car or house keys is a simple process. Call 415­737­5303 right away so you don’t have to wait. Ignition Repair or Replacement You do not want to be stuck out in the cold when your car won’t start. The great thing is you might be able to save hundreds of dollars from an expensive tow or mechanical bill by simply calling: 415-­737-­5303!

San Francisco Re­key Services

If you have moved, or wish to keep someone out of the house, you may not have to replace your entire lock. Consider a Re­key service. Are you curious to find out more? Call: 415­-737­-5303.

When you need a locksmith in the San Francisco that can come to your location and help you with whatever type of lock and security issue you may be involved in, give Locksmith San Fan a call. We are your local, licensed San Francisco locksmith service.