Ignition Repair & Raplacement

San Francisco Ignition Repair and Replacement Services When You Need It

Unless you have a button ignition, your car can only start with a key. Your car’s ignition is one of the most important parts of your car because without it your car will not start. The engine can be in pristine condition and you could have brand new tires and brakes, but your car will just be a pretty piece of equipment in the driveway if you cannot put the key in and turn it on. We all take for granted that our ignitions will operate perfectly for the duration of the life of the car. Unfortunately, they do not last forever. If your key chain has to many keys on it, the weight of the keys will wear down your ignition and eventually cause it to malfunction. Ignitions can wear through time from over use also and fail to start your car.
Should you find your ignition has worn and you cannot get your car to start, do not call a tow truck. You will only find yourself with that pretty piece of equipment in the driveway. Instead, call Locksmith San Francisco for help fixing the problem.

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We’ve Got Years Of Ignition Repair Experience

Locksmith San Francisco is a licensed, local locksmith who has been serving the San Francisco Metro area since 2005. We are the leaders in San Francisco ignition repair. We offer mobile locksmith service so we can handle your locksmith needs where ever you are. If you find you are on the side of the road with a faulty ignition, we will come to you and provide you with the service you need.

The Lowest Service Fee Around

Our prices are affordable all the way down to the small $19 service fee. We have 12 locksmiths and 2 part time locksmiths for lockouts so we can provide quick and reliable emergency service right when you need it. San Francisco is on the road faster with us around. We can repair or replace any type of ignition on the market.