Lock Installation & Repair

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San Francisco Lock Installation & Repair

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When it’s time to change or upgrade the locks on your home or business, you’ll be faced with a myriad of choices. Visit any big­box hardware store and you’ll find walls of deadlocks, locking door handles and remote entry systems in a dizzying array of styles and colors ­ it can be pretty overwhelming!

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Mobile San Francisco Lock Installation

While picking out a new lock is tough, that’s nothing compared to the complexity of installing your new or replacement lock! Locksets are complex machines that are designed to fit snugly against your door in order to provide maximum protection and reliability, and in most cases, you’ll need to drill a large, highly­-precise hole in your door to install your new lock ­ a job that is usually too complex for even experienced do-­it-­yourselfers’. That’s why here at Locksmith San Francisco, we offer affordable, on-­site San Francisco lock installation services.
Our team of fast, friendly and highly skilled locksmiths will come to your home or office to install any lockset or deadbolt, using our specialized installation tools and equipment. Our San Francisco lock installation services are popular with customers who want their lock installed right ­ the first time. We save customers the hassle of buying hole saws and drill bits that they’ll only use to install locks; we also remove the stress that comes with cutting into your expensive doors!

On-­Site San Francisco Lock Repair

If your lockset or deadbolt is sticking, loose or just plain broken, we can help. Our San Francisco lock repair service is popular among homeowners who don’t want to buy new locks to replace antique, custom­-ordered or hard-­to-­find locks. Our team of mobile locksmiths have extensive experience in non­destructive San Francisco lock repair; in most cases, we’re able to fix your broken lock without removing all the lock hardware from the door. This reduces the risk of damaging your door while helping to keep our services affordable.